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Happy Holi 2022: Sunglasses, anti

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We are all set to forget the miseries and indulge in a fun-filled day, diving deep into the pool of colours, throwing away sorrows like 'gulaal,' and becoming friends with your enemies. Yes, such is the power of Holi. But in recent years, this festival has been dangerous for many people as well. So here we are with 5 essentials that you should carry before playing Holi

Happy Holi 2022: Sunglasses, anti


Happy Holi 2022: Sunglasses, anti

Many a times people apply colours to other persons without thinking twice. We end up hurting someone's eye, as many of them are allergic to these harmful colours. So, in such cases, you must wear eyewear that will protect your eye and make you look cool at the same time. 

Happy Holi 2022: Sunglasses, anti

Oily hair

This is another effective way to protect your hair from harmful chemical-based colours. Many people complain about their frizzy hair after Holi. To avoid this, make sure you properly oil your hair. In this way, the colours won't get stick in your hair.

Full hand white Kurta and pyjama

Here comes another valuable piece of advice. Wearing a full hand white kurta will look stylish, and it protects his skin from direct exposure to colours. Well, you might have to give your clothes to dry-clean after Holi, but this is not a big deal, isn't it? 

Anti-Slip footwear

Oh, this is also crucial. As you are busy running around and splashing water on your friends, make sure that you wear anti-slip footwear that will help you not to fall back and suffer any injury. 

With this, we wish you a prosperous and safe Holi. 



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